Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Autumn TrailO: Home winning of Krešo Keresteš

Krešo Keresteš was the big winner of the Autumn TrailO, event that called to Trzin, Slovenia, a total of 28 participants from four countries. With the Croatia-Italy-Slovenia Trophy 2016 close to its end, the Italian Remo Madella keeps the lead.

Important axis of TrailO worldwide, Slovenia attended last weekend an important event. Trzin, Slovenia, was the epicentre of all emotions, with a TempO stage held in the city and a PreO stage in the mountains of Kamniška Bistrica, north of Trzin. Both stages scored for the Autumn TrailO, which hosted also the Slovenian PreO Championships 2016, being organized by the local club OK Trzin. The last stage (PreO) scored for the Croatia-Italy-Slovenia Trophy 2016.

TrailO's great reference and 5th ranked in the TempO Final of the recent World Trail Orienteering Championships (Strömstad, Sweden), the Slovenian Krešo Keresteš (OK Trzin) was the winner of the first day, finishing the TempO stage with a total of 182 seconds, corresponding to the total time spent in the five timed stations, without penalty. In a stage that had Mateja Keresteš as the course setter, the Croatian Ivica Bertol and Tomislav Varnica, both representing OK Vihor, finished in the following positions, with over 60 seconds and 72 seconds, respectively, than the winner. Drawn by Marco Giovannini, the PreO stage that ended the event saw four athletes complete the race with equal score, counting by correct answers the 20 control points of the course. Fastest in the timed controls, the Italian Renato Bettin (Orienteering Swallows) was the big winner with 20 seconds and an advantage of 6 seconds over Ivica Bertol, again second placed. The Croatian Dalibor Perković finished in the third position and Krešo Keresteš was ranked fourth. Thanks to the results achieved, Krešo Keresteš could celebrate the achievement of the Slovenian PreO title.

With just two rounds of the Croatia-Italy-Slovenia Trophy 2016 to go - 13th Feud Cup, Croatia and the Slovenian TempO Championships -, the Italian Remo Madella (Vivaio) remains firmly in the lead of the ranking with 591.98 points, but he saw his most direct opponents come closer after the Slovenian stage. With 582.31 points, Ivica Bertol follows now in the second place while the third place is owned by Tomislav Varnica with 580.90 points.


TempO (24.09.2016)
1. Krešo Keresteš (OK Trzin) 182 seconds
2. Ivica Bertol (OK Vihor) 242 seconds
3. Tomislav Varnica (OK Vihor) 254 seconds
4. Ján Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava) 258 seconds
5. Emil Kacin (OK Azimut) 274 seconds

PreO (25.09.2016)
1. Renato Bettin (Orienteering Swallows) 20 points / 20 seconds
2. Ivica Bertol (OK Vihor) 20 points / 26 seconds
3. Dalibor Perković (OK Medimurje) 20 points / 94 seconds
4. Krešo Keresteš (OK Trzin) 20 points / 97 seconds
5. Emil Kacin (OK Azimut) 19 points / 19 seconds

1. Krešo Keresteš (OK Trzin) 198,64 points
2. Ivica Bertol (OK Vihor) 195,34 points
3. Tomislav Varnica (OK Vihor) 189,67 points
4. Renato Bettin (Orienteering Swallows) 189,15 points
5. Ján Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava) 188,39 points

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CamBOr 2016: Sousa and Chiles win last round

Sidnaldo Farias de Sousa and Franciely De Siqueira Chiles were the big winners of the final round of CamBOr 2016 – Brazilian Orienteering Championships - Itamar Torrezam, which took place this weekend in the capital, Brazilia. The two athletes recorded victories in both stages, closing the best way the major Brazilian competition of the season.

The Brazilian Orienteering Confederation (CBO), the Federal District Orienteering Federation (FO-DF), the College of Orienteering Club Militar of Brazilia (COMIB), Tiradentes Orienteering Club (COTI) and Rocha’s Orienteering Club (COR), carried out last weekend the 3rd and final round of the 18th Brazilian Orienteering Championships - Itamar Torrezam. With one stage scoring for the IOF World Ranking, in the last day of competition, the event called to Brazilia close to four hundred and fifty competitors, representing 57 clubs.

In the competitive program, the event was hardly contested, showing Sidnaldo Farias de Sousa (ADAAN) and Franciely De Siqueira Chiles (COSM) as the big winners in the Elite category. In the Long Distance stage that filled the competitive program on Saturday, Farias de Sousa was the fastest to finish the 9.7 km of his course in 1:11:38. Only 47 seconds after the winner, Cleber Baratto Vidal (COSM) was second while the third place fell to Leandro Pereira Pasturiza (COSaM). Farias de Sousa would return to the victories in the last day of competition, taking the first place in the WRE Middle Distance stage with a time of 48:24, again with a thin advantage of just 37 seconds for the second place that belonged to Leandro Pasturiza. Julian Pasturiza (COSaM) finished the race in the third position, with 56 seconds more than the winner. With this results, Leandro Pereira Pasturiza was able to keep the good advantage in the Brazilian ranking at the start for the decisive round, revalidating the title of Brazilian Orienteering Champion, which happens for the third year in a row. And for the seventh time in his career so far.

Separated in the Ranking by just four points at the start for this round, Franciely De Siqueira Chiles (COSM) and Leticia Saltori (ADAAN) staged two extraordinary duels, in both cases favorable to Chiles. Nearly five minutes ahead of Saltori in the Long Distance and about two and a half minutes in the Middle Distance allowed to Franciely De Siqueira Chiles get the necessary points to cancel the disadvantage to her most direct opponent, winning the Brazilian Orienteering Champion Brazil for the second time in her career, after the triumph in the same competition in 2014.


Long Distance

Men Elite
1. Sidnaldo Farias Sousa (ADAAN) 1:11:38 (+ 00:00)
2. Cléber Baratto Vidal (COSM) 1:12:25 (+ 00:47)
3. Leandro Pereira Pasturiza (COSaM) 1:15:52 (+ 04:14)
4. Juliano Pereira Pasturiza (COSaM) 1:15:55 (+ 04:17)
5. Marciano Kaminski (CSS Santo Ângelo) 1:20:10 (+ 08:32)

Women Elite
1. Franciely De Siqueira Chiles (COSM) 1:20:14 (+ 00:00)
2. Leticia Saltori (ADAAN) 1:24:56 (+ 04:42)
3. Edinéia Roniak (CO Gralha Azul) 1:25:48 (+ 05:34)
4. Elaine Lenz (ADAAN) 1:25:56 (+ 05:42)
5. Raquel Sales Arendt (IDS Dourados) 1:36:41 (+ 16:27)

Middle Distance

Men Elite
1. Sidnaldo Farias Sousa (ADAAN) 48:24 (+ 00:00)
2. Leandro Pereira Pasturiza (COSaM) 49:01 (+ 00:37)
3. Juliano Pereira Pasturiza (COSaM) 49:20 (+ 00:56)
4. Ironir Alberto Ev (COSM) 50:57 (+ 02:33)
5. Carlos Araújo (CO Gralha Azul) 53:10 (+ 04:46)

Women Elite
1. Franciely De Siqueira Chiles (COSM) 52:14 (+ 00:00)
2. Leticia Saltori (ADAAN) 54:47 (+ 02:33)
3. Pavla Zdráhalová De Oliveira (AOAUFRJ) 59:48 (+ 07:34)
4. Soraya Cabral (Kaapora CO) 59:56 (+ 07:42)
5. Sara Weis (CO Gralha Azul) 1:04:24 (+ 12:10)

Complete results at

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Porto City Race 2016: Maps

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WTOC 2016: Spain

Present in the World Trail Orienteering Championships for the fifth time in the last six years, once again Spain missed a great result. Using the TempO competition to assess the value of the Spanish performance in Strömstad, it's easy to conclude that this was lower than expected, since Spain was away from the final for the first time ever. In the TrailO Relay, the Spanish team stay just one point out of Norway, ranked fifth, in the PreO part, ended up being harshly punished with the final 17th place thanks to a weak performance in the TempO. There remains the PreO, with Santiago Martinez Perez to match the best result ever of a Spanish athlete in the Open Class and Miguel Angel Garcia Grinda to establish the best ever result in the Paralympic class.

+ Santiago Perez Martin was arguably the best Spanish athlete present in Strömstad. It was one of the seven athletes to clear the second day of the PreO competition and was also in a good plan in the TrailO Relay. Thanks to the 28th final position, he holds now - along with Jose Antonio Tamarit and Antonio Hernandez Fernandez - the best result ever of a Spanish athlete in the PreO competition.

- Tireless worker of TrailO in Spain, Antonio Hernandez Fernandez was a quite below the expectations. A little step back in a walk that promises excitement and success.


Qual Blue
29. Jorge Valente Barrera 397,5 seconds
33. Santiago Perez Martin 466 seconds

Qual Red
32. Antonio Hernandez Fernandez 489 seconds
33. Miguel Angel Garcia Grinda 586,5 seconds

28. Santiago Perez Martin 44 points / 202,5 seconds
38. Jorge Valente Barrera 42 points / 112,5 seconds
39. Antonio Hernandez Fernandez 42 points / 205,5 seconds

28. Miguel Angel Garcia Grinda 32 points / 395 seconds

TrailO Relay
17. Spain 513 seconds
Miguel Angel Garcia Grinda (5 points / 135,5 seconds)
Santiago Perez Martin (7 points / 102 seconds)
Jorge Valente Barrera (6 points / 95,5 seconds)

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

WTOC 2016: Slovenia

Slovenia signed its presence in Strömstad with a place on the podium, thanks to the 5th position reached by Krešo Keresteš in the TempO competition. It is the aimed return to the places of honour, after a gap of nine years of a team that survives thanks to the persistence of Krešo and Mateja Keresteš. It is expected that this result can bring the needed motivation to something even better in the future.

+ After the 4th place in his debut in the World Championships (Finland, 2006), Krešo Keresteš reached the gold in the following year and, since then, has been keeping away from the podium. He returned this year in Strömstad, reaching the 5th place in the TempO competition, side by side with the Italian Remo Madella. An excellent result from a “historical” of the TrailO.

- In what was her 7th presence in the World Championships, Mateja Keresteš reached once more a result under the expectations. Worse than her 52nd place in the PreO competition, just the results achieved in 2014 (58th) and 2015 (53rd).


Qual Blue
23. Mateja Keresteš 365,5 seconds

Qual Red
6. Krešo Keresteš 256 seconds

5. Krešo Keresteš 288 seconds

19. Krešo Keresteš 45 points / 125 seconds
52. Mateja Keresteš 39 points / 233,5 seconds

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